Looking a cloud
  • Hi, my question is, my partner use to play a game of yours and all he can remember is the name of the charater in it was name cloud... So I'm looking for that game can you help me.. He said he thought it was back in 96 or 97 when he played it.. thanks

    John G.

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  • First, just as a bit of clarification, we don't make the games- we just report on them.

    The game your friend is thinking of is most likely Final Fantasy 7 from Square. The lead character was Cloud Strife and had a huge honkin' sword. This ring any bells with you?
  • The other notable characters were:
    Cid Highwind (the kind of oldy of the group who ends up finally getting his airship, Highwind, back. Uses a kind of Javelin to attack with)
    Aeris Gainsborough (a flower girl who ends up being killed by Sephiroth, but who ends up saving the planet kind of. Attacks with a kind of staff)
    Tifa Lockhart (use her fists to fight with)
    Barrett Wallace (has a gun grafted to his arm in place of his left hand I think it was)
    Red XIII (a kind of wolf who later finds out his real name is Nanaki)
    Cait Sith (a kind of robot bear thing)
    Vincent Valentine (a vampire of sorts who attacks with a gun)
    Yuffie Kisaragi (a martials arts girl who loves materia)

    Any of these ring a bell with your other half?
    Sephiroth was the main bad guy who had a giant samurai sword.