• Besides the fact that I will need 2 TV screens what else do I need to connect 2 screens to my PS2 ?

    I want to play SSX Tricky, Time Crisis 2 and the likes in a 2 player mode but I must say the split screem mode stinks.
  • Afraid it doesn't work that way Shagger.To use seperate TVs for multiplayer games that support this you will need a PS2 and the game for each system as well as the I-Link cable to connect the PS2s together.
  • Yep-check around some of the bigger carriers of PS2 accessories,you should be able to find it pretty easily.Failing that,it shouldn't be a problem finding it online.
  • Some places (like where I live) I-link cable's are hard to find but Firewire cable's work exactly the same and are much more common. To link 2 PS2's all you need is 1 cable that is 4-pin on each end. To link more than 2 units (like 6 for GT3) you need a 6-plug 6-pin hub and 4-pin to 6-pin cables. Each unit you link needs 1 cable, 4-pin end plugged into the PS2 and 6-pin end plugged into the hub. If you need any more help just PM me.
    Note that you will need a copy of whatever LINKABLE game you are linking for each PS2 unit.