Own or have owned
  • I was just wondering, for those hard-core gamers out there, how many games have you owned compared to how many games you presently own.

    I myself do not rent games ( or pirate ( download) them ). I buy my games new. In the brief history of my PS2, had it since the onset, I've owned probably more than 3X the games I presently own now. I still have a library of over 70 titles, but most of the games I've owned have served better purpose as trade in for new titles.

    I imagine I could use the old game cases as table guards, but seems a waste fot things I'll never look at again.

    Anyway, do any of you folks dispose of tripe as I do ?
  • I pass most of the games that have outlived their life span in my gaming library on to a local program that provides refurbished PC's, gaming systems and games to kids whom financially can't afford such things......I know who'd of thought I of all people had a heart,:o
  • Dan E Staff said:
    ...I know who'd of thought I of all people had a heart,:o

    Oh come on Dan, we knew you had a heart, just thought it was currently in storage somewhere at the mo is all :laugh:

    Anyways, as for the games.
    Well I'll state which consoles I've owned so far in my life. I think my very first console was the SEGA Master System. Anyone remember that? Well actually it was the SEGA MasterSystem II that had Alex The Kidd built in. That was a great game. I had like easily 50 to 100 games in all for that console.
    I then traded it in a for a SEGA MegaDrive. Really rubbish trade-in value because for all those games and my mastersystem, I got like three games I think. I still remember how annoyed my mum was.
    I also had a NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) with Duck Hunt and Mario Bro's. I gave that to my older sister; dunno if she's still got it though :confused:
    Er, what next? I got my playstation next. Ended up with about 30+ games for that.
    Then I traded that in with majority of my playstation games to get my original playstation 2.
    I then got an N64 because of Goldeneye really; the BEST Bond game EVER released.
    I eventually got rid of that and got my GameCube, which I still have with about 5 games.
    Er, my original PS2 stopped working (disk read error) so got a replacement for £75 or whatever it was (typical that it wasn't in warranty when it stopped working). I also then bought myself the Limited Edition Silver PS2, while waiting for my PS2 replacement. That's when I got the EyeToy Play with camera.
    Er then I sold the replacement Black PS2 to one of my dads work colleagues, think I got £50-£75, can't remember exactly.
    Then last year that PS2 completely burnt out on me. Everything barring the laser was dead.
    That's when I got my only 1 week old, second-hand Silver Slimline PS2, which is fantastic.
    And that's me. Oh right I've got like at least 50 PS2 games right now, maybe more, but I've prob had closer to 100 maybe even as much as 150 over the last few years; traded a lot of games in for new games you see.
    Oh, I forgot to mention owning the original GBA (GameBoy Advance) which I traded in for a GBA SP, which I then traded in for my, current, original DS.
    Oh and I've got a PSP as well.
    Oh and can't forget my PC; must have like 50+ games easily for my pc as well.

    I've prob got something like 200-300+ games altogether at the moment for my different consoles and my pc combined.
    Prob had closer to 400+ games in my lifetime, though, across the different gaming platforms.
    So, I'm not THAT much of a gamer really ;)
  • I can't find the infinity sign on my keyboard. I've cut my collection down quite alot over the past year and hold about 40 PS2 titles, 12 PSP, 50 PS1 titles (even though Jane is trying to get me to get rid of them) 20 NGC and can't remember how many cart console ones are left, but I've hoarded them in secret places. PC stuff is down to about 20 games due to my replay on FPS games.

    I'm currently putting my all time fav PS2 titles on the PS2 HDD so I can box them up & store them to make way for more stuff next year (PS3 *wink wink)

    I tend to go through games via internet/magazines & word of mouth before buying. I've stopped renting as you get some d!cks who don't know how to handle a disc & theres scratches on them even after 1 weeks worth of release. Still get the odd free game through the post off companies, but not as much as I used to with the PS1
  • Ya know, if I had the money back that I spent on systems and games since way back in the ol' days of Pong (yes, that far back) I would be driving a lot better car than I do now. It's one of the things I try not to dwell on. :(
  • Lyndon M STAFF said:
    Ya know, if I had the money back that I spent on systems and games since way back in the ol' days of Pong (yes, that far back) I would be driving a lot better car than I do now. It's one of the things I try not to dwell on. :(

    Don't you mean you'd have your own racing team :D
  • I guess I'm one of the few people that never let go of any games or consoles I've ever owned, from my Atari on. Call it sentimental, call it collecting or call it just being a pack rat but I still have them all.

    Obviously, I've never traded in any games. When it comes to buying games, I do buy all my games brand new. There is something that bothers me about buying a used game but I have no problem renting games. Over my lifetime, I've rented way more games than I own.

    My current Playstation library (PS1, PS2, PSP) is somewhere around 60 games.
  • Gave away all my Atari and Intellivision stuff to a needy family (many moons ago). Sold My NES and ended up buying another with a bunch of games a few years later. The wife brought home a box of misc. stuff from a school sale which she thought had some interesting looking stuff. Turned out there was an NES deck stuffed in the bottom. Even still had a game in it. We have 40 PS 2 games, 50 odd PS 1 and still have 15 Sega Genesis games. I also just picked up the Activision anthology for PS 2. All the Atari Activision games on one disk. I may use it as a form of punishment for my boy. Also had a Colecovision way back when.
  • Over the last 6 years I have sold 8 PS2 games I didn't like and traded about three more.

    I gave away a PS1 and about 40 games to a family member that couldn't afford a gaming system, he lives over sea's in the Philippines.

  • Good evening folks, been away for a little while... bout time I got socialble (sp?) again.

    Anyway, back to the topic. I'm a game hoarder, still have many of my old PSX favorites such as Vagrant Story, Soul Reaver and a few Tomb Raider titles including Tomb Raider 2 which was my very first game I bought for the PSX.

    I did however sell quiet a few PS1 games to fund my new PS2 collection. My PS2 collection would probably be in about the 30 to 40 mark. Currently, I'm mainly buying PC games which over the last year has gone up to about the 20 mark.

    The PC and PS2 are the main gaming platforms I play so in total I would have about 80 odd games including the PS1 games.

    I've been an avid gamer since the Commodore 64 and thought games like Bastow Manor were leading edge games. I then advanced to the Amiga 2000 and amassed a huge library of games all of which I gave away about 7 years ago. Taking a wild stab in the dark, I'd say I currently own about 20% of total of all games I have ever bought. But that's a very wild stab in the dark with a blunt spoon :D
  • These days I only trade a game in if it's horrible, and with the abundance of info available now that is easily avoidable. The return on a trade is so weak I would rather just keep it. There's a bunch of old games I wish I still had which are difficult to find now. Anyone out there remember an old arcade game called Space Wars? That game rocked. Similar game play to Asteroids but designed as a 2 player battle game with changeable environments.