Are Gaming Genre's Dying?
  • Well it's coming closer to Christmas and what a choice of games to go for, but wait, didn't I get FIFA 06 last year and 05 before that & whats the chances 07 will be in my console? NONE!!

    Apart from hating any football game, with the exception of the odd play on Madden I'm finding myself at an end on choosing a new game for myself for Christmas. Everything has just about been done to death with it's 14 sequels and this sort of happened about 4 Christmas's ago. All the genre's are at just about at the end of the current generation and with the PS3 out & about what new stuff would you like to see in games & gaming (apart from PS3 SIXAXIS and a Wii bit of a problem)
  • Now now Chris, there's nothing wrong with the majority of sequels. Take for example the GTA series; I know GTA 4 ain't out yet, but when it is, it will be a sequel. I personally want that game, because it's GTA.
    And what about MGS 4 and GT 5? They'll be sequels. You could argue that, because those games are coming out on the PS3, then they're not totally sequels, but they are really.

    As for games out at the moment, I haven't played it properly, apart from in GAME, but what about Guitar Hero II? That's a sequal and it's supposedly a really good game.
    There's Need For Speed Carbon, although I'll give you that one as it's worse than last years Most Wanted.
    Er, FIFA 07 is the best FIFA, possibly EVER. I know it's another FIFA, and EA has been doing these games since the mid-90's, on various consoles, but this one is possibly, finally, a PES beater. Of course, if you've got World Cup '06, then there's not a big difference, but there are a few differences. '07 builds on World Cup '06.

    Er, can't think of any other games right now, but there probably are some decent ones that other people can come up with.

    Anyways, as for what I want to see in games? Well going over PS3 games I've already mentioned in this post, I think the following would be good.
    [*]Grand Theft Auto 4 (GTA4):
    More Weapons. Other military vehicles like an Army chopper or even a plane. Able to upgrade your weapons AND vehicles to make them stronger, faster, more powerful etc.
    [*]Gran Turismo 5 (GT5):
    More choice of cars. Able to fully customise your cars Need For Speed style. Secrets cars and parts that can be unlocked, kinda like the Sony Car I think it was in GT4, but loads more stuff. New tracks. Able to work in a kind of co-op mode, either online or just with a friend on the same PS3, so you can unlock things easier and complete really tough tracks with two or more player controlled cars to make it easier.
    [*]Metal Gear Solid 4 (MGS4):
    More Camo. More weapons. More ways to perfrom Stealth Kills. Able to use enemies as human shields. The good ol' cardboard box, which everyone loves and laughs at. Able to steal and drive vehicles.[/LIST]
    And I think that's probably it for the moment.
    Can anyone else thinks of any other games and what they would like to see in those games?
  • The originality at the moment is coming on the handhelds I think. Due to their nature I just think developers have to think harder to come up with something playable. Lumines, Loco Roco. Both great games. Admittedly they'd work on a larger console too, but would they be as good?

    I don't have anything against sequels, but it does mean I tend to skip a few generations every now and then. The last Fifa game I bought was back in '98. Now I'm thinking of getting '07 for my PSP.

    I'm really not buying any new games for my PS2 now as it's a bit of a dead duck as far as I'm concerned. I play on it very little except for the odd Eye Toy moment when friends are round, and the fact that I'm still ploughing through the Ratchet & Clank games. However, once they're done i'm in a holding pattern for PS3 and all it's shiney spangley sequel goodness. :)
  • The bar has been raised so high, it's tough to "Wow" the dedicated gamer these days. I think that is why there are so many sequels. They find something good that people like and then tweak it to death.

    Some games, mainly the sports genres, are destined to have sequels with roster changes each year. Free agency has assured us of that. Maybe in the future you will be able to just download new team rosters for your game each year?

    One genre I would like to see expanded on the PS3 is the Marvel Universe. Being a Marvel Comics fan, I'm looking forward to seeing where they can take my childhood heroes. There is a wealth of characters already in place just waiting to be exploited. There have already been some great Marvel games but there have been some not so great too. I've been encouraged by the X-Men Legends series on the PS2 and will be getting (you could sort of call it a sequel) Marvel Ultimate Alliance this Christmas.

    Like Jason, I'm also a GTA fan so I am really interested to see what GTA4 looks and plays like on the PS3. With each new GTA being a huge leap forward (except for the LCS PSP port), what lies in store for one of our favorite titles?
  • I've literally just bought X-Men Legends 2 for my PSP and have to say I think it's brilliant. Doing a four player (or maybe a lot more!) co-op version of something like this on the PS3 would just be the Mutts.
  • kernmist said:
    The originality at the moment is coming on the handhelds I think. Due to their nature I just think developers have to think harder to come up with something playable. Lumines, Loco Roco. Both great games. Admittedly they'd work on a larger console too, but would they be as good?

    Lumines 1 & 2 are spot on for the PSP or any portable, I find those types of games are just right for small screen & not large format. I have Mercury Remix for the PS2 thinking it would be good, but the PSP versions beat it hands down no problem and Loco Roco will not work on the PS2 whatsoever as it's just right again for portable play. These puzzle games are new'ish & have a twist, but it's no Tetris.

    GT3&4 there wasn't a single thing in them to make me go WOW, not even the graphics. I still think that GT2 was the best & still is the best in the series with the exception of on-line play & crash damage dynamics. Do any of you still play it? I f**kin' well do after all these years.

    MGS3 was the mutts dangly bits. Take away all the tech stuff & just get out there. Story line as ever from Kojima was boringly long & pants & we all know the story from the previous games, but will #4 live up & past the other games even with PS3 power behind it? I'm still not WOW'd from the footage because what he did to us with MGS2 and getting a ladyboy whine & winge all the way through the game.

    Still FIFA & PES games are just the same game from way back in 1992 - 22 men kicking a ball up & down grass till one gets it to the other end. Now put in landmines, gun turrets, robots with mini-nukes, multideathball and 4 teams at once playing & you'll have a new FIFA franchise

    Oh wait! NEO-GEO did that years ago & nintendo has just copied it last year and the NEO-GEO one was the best (damn, wasted a fortune in 10p's in the arcade on that when I could have bought the game cart for
  • Oh the EYETOY stuff - pure genius! Party games have come along much better in the past 3 years & I do have a collection of them with Jane & here parents. But give it another year & it will be boring repeated stuff.

    Have you tried Eyetoy Kinectic and combat? make sure you warm up first and tie your shoe laces up tight! It's better than going to a gym. (remember to dry up the sweat from a polished wooden floor afterwards!)
  • I would like to see a really good dungeon crawler. We've played both the Baldur's Gate and Norrath games to death. Way too easy with 2 players, the store is pointless as a place to purchase weapons and armour as stuff is lying around all over the place. Who cares if there are hundreds of different weapons as you only ever use a few, and perhaps the plot lines could finally grow up. Also, far too many recall potions for leaving and returning to the action. Load up with stuff, go sell and return. Ho hum.