• I just found the USB port at the front of my ps2 (after 2 months of owning it, lol :biggrin:).
    Anyway, i was wondering if a normal PC USB keyboard would work, or if i would need an expansion.
  • I'm not sure whether it works for it or not but i'm pretty sure that it doesn't. The best i can tell you is to try one of yours with it. I know that one of the logitech wheels for the PC worked with the demo for GT3 but not on the full version so it doesn't look good for the keyboards. I know that this fall there will be external usb modem and hard drive upgrades available. There will also be USB keyboards and mice available for purchase as well as a slick LCD moniter available. I hope that this helps you out. I know it wasn't much info but it's as much as i know at this time. I'll look further into this for you and i'll let you know more about it in the near future. Just watch your PMs. Well, enjoy gaming and have fun gaming.
  • I'll get a USB keyboard and try it out next week.
    Why did the PC steering wheel work in the GT3 demo and not the full version? :confused:
    I can't wait for the modem, THPS3 online is gonna be the coolest :cool:
    Just thinking of all the PS2's capabilitites puts a big smile on my face :biggrin:
    ("Ok killa, enough smilies!" :angry:)

    Thanks madhtr :)
  • [b]Killa I just took a spare USB Keyboard and Mouse of my old PC and it works fine on the PS2

    The mouse is a MicroShafted USB wheel mouse and the Keyboard is a Gateway one with a USB through port on so that I don't have to use both USB ports on the PS2

    I've used the Mouse on Unreal Tornament and Silent Scope no bother!
  • Sweet! Thanks tiff, you've put my mind to rest :smile: