PSN and Running Demo problems
  • I dnloaded few demo but i get 10080009 error on every demo i try to start. Anyone knows what i can do to fix it.
  • Which demos are you trying to play? I've got the Motorstorm demo and no problems with it at all.
  • I dnloaded blast and motorstorm straight to hd...i just had to upgrade the ps3 to 1.30 to get online. Dnloaded both and both didn't work. This is what i did. Since PS3 setup is just lke the PSP, i go under game, down down by passing my resistance game and execute one of the other games..and ofcourse it gives me this error each time. I am wondering if somehow when i am dnloading that something mayhave gone wrong since i got a weak wifi signal. But then it would have given me errors....the movie demos worked though!!
  • It's possible the files may have been mucked up a bit. I would delete the demos and try to download them again, this time using a wired connection if possible. Is there much distance between the PS3 and your router?
  • a bit far, usually about 40% signal strength i think its the cause...
  • That would definitely impact it- as I said, you could try running a wired connection to your router. Another solution would be to set up a range booster between the two to possibly get a better signal.
  • Its funny, but I reset ps3 settings and the game worked. Weird huh! Moto is what i tried but I have further questions on using does it work and does it work for this game..i want to test it out with some game.

  • Yep. SixAxis control works on the Motorstorm demo- When you start play pause and turn it on in the menu that comes up. You'll then use tilting the controller left and right to steer and also tilting the controller to control your pitch and yaw when you go airborne. It works pretty well, I think. You still have to use the shoulder buttons for gas/ brakes and the X for turbo boost.
  • thanks..been a major help.