New to the Family
  • Hey, there everybody! I new here. I heard this was a friendly place to talk to other gamers about games and among other things. My friends are not really gamers. They play games but are not as into it as I am. Out of all my friends I am the best gamer out of all of them. I just wanted to say hi and hope you all go easy on me since I am new and fragile.:)
  • Welcome to APN, feel free to hop on in to the deep end of the madness here.

    ...and beings you asked so nice, we will go easy on ya. :D

    If ya have any questions feel free to contact us "Staff" peeps, that is why we is here.
  • Hi TopGamer! Welcome to Absolute Playstation Network!

    You don't have to worry about me gnashing my teeth at you. I go easy on the new people because I was one not too long ago.:)

    So you're a top gamer among your group of friends eh? That sounds like my friend..I'm more along the lines of your friends. I play, but I don't play enough to get really good at them.

    What games do you play/kick serious butt on?:p
  • I really kick butt on action games like resident evil 4, and the grand theft auto series. I can also do pretty well in sports games as well like boxing, hockey, and soccer games.;)
  • Thanks for going easy on me! Also, thanks for the welcome I feel better already! I'm really glad I decided to join. This is the most welcoming and nicest site I have visited.
  • Hi top gamer welcome to our happy family!!!

    I LOVE resident evil 4!!!

    Hope you enjoy your time here - Its gonna be great to get to know you better - Get some threads going!!
  • Welcome to the board. They have a great section on game solving if you get stuck in a game. They will point you in the right direction and get you out of the corner.

    Hence you like RE4, you might like Silent Hill games. They are a little similar. They both have creepy zombies to kill. Its pretty grusome if you don't mind all the blood in it.

    Enjoy your stay and come back often when you can. :)
  • Well done there Kremzeek, very welcoming :)

    Good to see new members; welcomes go out to TopGamer :D

  • Welcome Top Gamer!

    I see you've already met some of the locals. Just make yourself right at home! I hope you enjoy your time here!