Just got up
  • I got up at about 4:30 a.m. and I checked my email messages. I saw that someone from this site wanted me to write some new threads to get to know me better. So, I just started typing. I wake up that early because I have school to go to. I hate algebra class because I am not very strong in math and it is a very boring subject. My favorite class is engish because I like to learn about how to write like I am supposed to. My favorite sport is soccer because I have seen all those other sports and I am just not interested in them. There is just not enough action in them. Well gotta go talk to you guys later.:mellow:
  • I am fortunate to be done with math. I finished my last required math class in college last year, thank god.

    What grade are you in?
  • Ew, early early school day for you. I thought being in zero period during my days in high school was bad..but I admire that you can get up so early and head off to school. That sucks.:(

    I've gotta take math this next semester..so it'll be interesting cuz I haven't taken math for about three years.

    You like english?!?! Me too!
    My college major is English! Go team!

    *high five*
  • Ugh - i used to hate maths too!! Luckily i know enough to get me through my work life now (the 28 times table (becasue prescriptions are written for multiples of 28)) and how much i should be paid :p - the rest i have a trusty calculator for!!