PS2 Slimline CD wont spin
  • I could really use some help, I was borrowing my father in laws slimline ps2 and he asked for it back and i hooked it up today and it doesn't work!!! It was working fine last week and I have no clue what the hell happened. I put a disc in and it does not spin at all the laser moves but I do not see it light up.

    Also when on the browser screen it just constantly says READING DISC and it does nothing after that and when I went to reset it it would not switch to red I had to unplug it. Please God tell me you can help it is way past the warranty

    and he will be so pi**ed off if he finds out and I am to poor to pay for it to be serviced. have repaired older model just don't know much about the slimline.
    Please help. Thanks.
  • Hate to say it but that PS2 unit sounds like it is officially toast. Time to maybe find a used unit to replace this one.