• :) Since you can play your old playstation games on the new PS2, have ran into a problem of being able to save them, memory cards says can't be saved. Anybody got a clue?
  • You can't save PS1 game saves on your PS2 memory card you have to use your PS1 card. I know it sucks. :mad:
  • That's right. You might think it's stupid, but i'm sure if there was a way around it, Sony would know.
    The reason you can't save a PSX game to your PS2 card is because they save in different formats. PSX/One uses blocks (which use up more space than needed), PS2 uses kilobytes and some 'Magic Gate' thingy. Basically, it's like trying to save a text file as an image, it just doesn't work.

    Now, if your using a PSX memory card and it's not working, there must be a problem with the card.
  • This is much more appropriate in the PS2 Hardware Help forum.I'll move it there.
  • Hey Pointtaken,
    I didn't really understand why you could'nt save the old games on the new PS2 either but after reading the repleys to your post i understand now!
    Here is something differnet about old playstation 1 games being played on PS2.
    I bought a PS1 unit two years ago on vaction in Phillipines.
    I thought it was a good deal cus it came with 35 games of my choice.....well I could tell they were copyed games but what the heck they worked fine!
    The only problem I had is when I got my PS2! None of the copyed games will work in it and I don't know why???????

    Anyone know why????

    Happy postings!

  • Your PS2 would not have had that thing we love to hate here at API (check the thread at the top of the forum,Worf).That's why they didn't work,most likely.