PS3 game play, On the screen
  • :eek: Greeting all!

    I like many others, wanted to get my hands on a PS3 60 GB machine on launch day...... I decided to wait for more to come around later. To stand in line for so few machines just wasn't going to work for me....

    Anyway I have seen the machine in use at best buy and I am besides myself on how sharp the picture is over the PS2! It is so crisp and sharp I couldn't believe it!!!

    Someone told me it is because the store has the setup on a HD TV........
    Is this true?? or are the PS3 games also the reason for the clairty??


  • It's a mix of the two, Worf- the graphics are (naturally) that much better on the jump up to a new system. The preferred way would be to hook up to an LCD or plasma HDTV (even though it is still a big jump up in graphics playing on a normal tv). Most of the store kiosks are set up with a tv running at 720p, the resolution used for most games. With a small screen like they use that is plenty sharp to get all the detail.
  • Hummmm, Makes a lot of scents to me... Thanks for the tip Lyndon!

    Hey! My wife heard on the radio yesterday that best buy would be having some more PS3 machines in the store, like right away......

    I went down there this morning and they didn't know anything about it.. :-(

    I guess unless I here it from the horses mouth I shoudn't believe in rumors.


  • I had been seeing this same story on the actual Sony forums- supposedly they will be available either Saturday or Sunday. Good luck on the hunt!