• I just got a PS3 and wanna know how I go about setting up my online network. I currently have my Xbox 360 hooked up to my wireless network & wanna know what I do to get the PS3 online if I have a wireless network??
  • The process is very similar to what one would go through when setting up a connection on the PS2 or PSP. Go to Network Settings in the Settings menu, choose wireless and hit right on the D-pad. From here select Scan- it should find your wireless access point and show signal strength and if there is any encryption being used. If you have your wireless encrypted you will have to enter the key for it- you can find this in the router settings.

    When that is done you can choose to have the basic settings (IP address, subnet mask, DNS) set automatically or enter them in manually. Choosing easy should work out fine.

    If you have any problems Sony has more details in an online user guide which can be found at Online Instruction Manuals / Select your language. Congrats on getting the PS3 and good luck!