What's on your wishlist?!
  • Heeeey guys it's been a while but I'm now hooked up with my own laptop and broadband connection so I'll be posting around these parts again, yay :D

    Anywho with Crimbo just around the corner what have you all asked for from Santa this year?

    Personally, it'll probably be some clothes / DVDs / video games and gift vouchers for me, nothing particularly exciting but cool all the same! Was stuck for gift ideas this year as normally if I see anything I want, I just go out and get it! But I'm hoping for Football Manager 07 for the PC, and Scarface and The Godfather Trilogy on DVD's to keep me occupied over the holidays. And the Deal Or No Deal Interactive DVD would be a ton of fun!

    Lets hope we all get what we wish for on Christmas day eh. ;)
  • I was wondering where you got off to, Fluffster- good to have you back. B)

    Haven't bothered asking for anything of significance other than a new PS3 game- I have a habit of just buying things I want (such as the PS3). There's just not anything I'm really in need of- guess it'll be gift certificates for me (which works just as well).
  • FLUFF!!! Great to see you! Thought you'd slipped off into oblivion. Cross one item off! Now to get JDM, Rex and Susan back would finish off my APi wishlist.;)

    As for under the tree, I wouldn't mind seeing Deadwood Season 2 DVD and either Marvel Ultimate Alliance or FFXII (or both).
  • mmm what i want for xmas??

    I saw a gorgeous mustard duffel coat a few months back and havent been seen it since so would love that!! Money to help towards the wedding would be good too. There is loads of Virgin Vie stuff in the catalogue i would love too.

    Cue cheeseyness - The only thing i want really is to spend some time with the family. I really missed them the last few weeks with things going wrong a bit at work so a hug off my dad would be the best christmas present ever!!!!!!
  • Fluff! Wow. I've missed ya. That's for sure!

    As far as Christmas wishlist is concerned I'd actually like to see quite a few things under my tree: Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack, Mulan Soundtrack AND The Lion King DVD set (with all three Lion King movies under the tree) and a new lappie/or new CD/DVD-RW Drive for my current lappie. (that's just to name a few I have a list of about 15 items...)Yeah, I know I've got a lot listed there, but in my defense..you asked!:)