Whats your christmas memory?
  • Whats the standout memory of all your christmases?

    The one that stands out the most for me was the year my dads best friend died. He died in November and at xmas my dad did a raffle at the club and work for the macmillan cancer nurses that had looked after mike. I remember on xmas eve my dad my sister and myself walking up the canal bank to my dads work to hand out the prizes and collect the money and all the canal being frozen over and there being frost on all the grass and puddles. All these swans were just sat on the ice. Its a weird xmas memory but it really stands out for me.
  • All my christmases are the same actually. There's none that stand out over another. Christmas itself though stands out for my family more than any other holiday because it is the one holiday that we all get along and joke with each other and just enjoy being around one another.:D