Whatsyour christmas tradition?
  • Every family has different things they do every year. Unfortunatly at my mum and dads house its that they are vegitarian so instead of yummy turkey or beef or ham we have Quorn!!

    Then there is the manic dog that has a phobia of xmas crackers!! So every year we go through the tradition of scaring the life out the dog and the poor unsuspecting visitor who has the pleasure of pulling the cracker with you!
  • That's horrible oddish! You shouldn't scare doggies.:(

    My family doesn't have a tradition for Christmas per se. We have a Christmas Eve tradition. That is, we go to Knott's Berry Farm's craft village and walk around there. After that we usually drive around looking at Christmas lights and then after that we come home and open one present. The presents we always get are pajamas which we end up wearing that christmas night. After we slip on the pajamas we go to bed only to wake up early the next morning to see what the big guy left us.:)

    Christmas is really my favorite holiday because it's the holiday where no matter what mood any of my family members are in, we always end up laughing over what we get each other for Christmas. It's the one day when every family member gets along with one another, no matter what.
  • Christmas PJ's are a tradition everywhere i think - i bought mine last week!!