evil dead-afist full of boomstick
  • i just got it a few days ago & i was doing good in it,but im stuck in the 1st level. the cop tells me i cant go into the club till i kill the zombies in the "yard". i dont know where its @,or what it looks like. ive gone all over the place & cant seem to find it. if you could help,that would be great. thanx a lot:redface:
  • right be hind you and the cop is the yard that you need to go to
    you need to use your spell book to tell you what you need to do to kill the zombies hope that helps
  • Go into the park, you should have a key to it, and you'll find dynamite go back next to the nightclub and throw the dynamite over the wall. Then go around by the park and in the back door that you just blew up.:)
  • i need some help? where is the gold watch which you have to find for professor? please help
  • Scotch (that reminds me, i need a drink :p ), you'll find the watch in a truck that you saw collided with a small car. There are a couple of other items there too.