Hard drive in older PS2
  • Hi- Can someone with experience please tell me if this is possible: install a hard drive in a PS2 and save N64 games on it so the N64 system can be thrown away and only use the PS2 to play N64 games. Many thanks.
  • Short answer is no, it can't. Also, what you propose to do borders on being illegal as the ROMs you would need are copied and illegal to use unless you have the actual game in your possession. Just as a bit of mentioning we are very much anti-piracy here.

    If you are looking to play N64 games without using the cartridges I suggest picking up a Wii and purchase the games for the virtual console.
  • Illegal ??? Wow ! No, sorry I did not know that. I do have ALL the N64 games and I'm simply trying to make things easier. I thought this would be a straight forward thing that is being done all the time. To me it seems like it's nothing more than saving the games that I own on a hard drive, and there would be nothing illegal about that. Any more opinions are appreciated. And thanks for your reply anyway.