Sorround sound upgrade
  • Anyone know what i need to get to upgrade to sorround sound on my PS2?

    Is it worth it?

  • I have my PS2 hooked up through my surround sound reciever through the optical digital sound port on the back of the PS2... If you have a reciever with Optical Digital in, then all you need is the cable.
  • Baron pretty much has it covered there,blackbox.If you already have a surround sound stereo system simply get a digital optical cable and connect through that-you would have to select that as the audio source on the stereo as well.

    For the time being most games that do support this only have it during cutscenes-unless you want the upgrade for other things like movies,it would maybe be best to save your money.
  • My music system has a optic 'out' same as the PS2 and not an optic 'in'. Whatz up with that ? Do I need to buy some new hardware to support surround sound with my PS2 ?
  • Optical Out on a reciever?