• Hi,
    why are PS2 consoles so unreliable? PlayStation was the best console I ever owned. That's why I got a PS2, but even though it's got the best gaming library and the best accessories in history, it's the worst console I've ever owned.

    I had to return, not one but 2 machines to the shop because they were faulty out of the box. The one I got hasnt gone in nearly a year (it stopped going last holiday season, it seemed to barely last past the warranty.

    Last holidays my child had gotten several games for Christmas and was really excited about trying them all out during his holidays off school. He got to try one before the PS2 stopped going. We promised him we'd hire a PS2 for the holidays so he could finally play the others (as well as the use the rest of the PS2 stuff), but the same thing happened again.

    Seems relying on Sony's PS2 means a boring Christmas holidays (twice in a row), not being able to meet our assurances to our child, and a lot of games and accessories sitting around gathering dust. We're really disappointed, our PlayStation still goes just fine. So what's up with PS2?:(
  • Sorry to hear about the bad luck with the PS2 systems. I honestly have no clear answer for it. Myself, I have one of the original models from the 2000 launch and it is still working fine (keeping the fingers crossed).

    Out of curiosity, where in the room was the system located? It's possible where you put it did not allow enough air flow and you would have overheating problems.