When is sony goin @ make new mem cardz
  • everywhere i go they say that sony recalled all of there mem cardz due to defects or something. I have made it up to the 8th level in some games , but each time i have to start over it is really Pis*ing me off :mad:
  • I don't know where you live but there hasn't been any recalls here in Virginia. There was a shortage for a couple months but we now have them in regularly and we get about 4 or so per shipment. If you need to, go online and order it there as you can most definitely find them instock in most online stores. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup:
  • I had a hard time finding mine too. But it was right after Xmas. I live in South Texas. I was going to order one but I did'nt want to wait, I ended up going all over town! I lucked out and KB's had ONE sony card behined the counter. Actualy thay are still scarce around here.
  • We still don't have any here in Arkansas. I looked all over online in mid-January but none of the major electronic stores had one, i had to order one, but i still don't have it. Sorry U.S. Postal service.
  • well it is been 3 months guys an i am back, i had to work like everyday for the Xmas rush an now i am back to answer all your gaming problems.

    Now since i work in a game store here is the offical low down on the PS2 Memory cards, I had a little chat with the Sony Representative. He told me that production on the PS2 Memory cards are down right now. Kinda like the shortage of the emotions chips back in October 2002

    An we probably won't see any until march.
    But ur best bet it to by a third party one "Official Licenced by Sony" they really work cause i got about 2 of em an i have had no problems with them.

    But hey trade in your PS2 in an get an XBOX (Built in hard drive baby ohh yea )

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