All ps2 owners in uk
  • I had to post to let you of this free software i came across recently - a certain PS2 magazine (name withheld) is gving away FREE software (name withheld) which allows you play DVDs from all regions. I've checked the price of this software and it costs 20 pounds plus and the magazine only cost 3.99 - i bought the magazine couple of weeks ago so hurry if you are interested.
  • Yep,nothing illegal with that Tanner-that is probably the Region-X they are giving away.Tiff first mentioned that as an option for playing DVDs from other regions,I believe.It only works for movies.
  • Yep, that would be the Region X device but i've seen it as low as 15 pounds, not much of a difference but in this case you get it for a whole lot less plus you get a magazine to boot. If only the Region X device was bigger in the states then i could actually see what i could get them at cost for. The only place that i can find them near me is online but i'm sure if you live near the Metreon in San Fran. then you'll see them just like they're the only store that is said to be continually stocked with PS2 memory cards at this time(oh the store's owned by Sony). Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup:
  • Yes Lyndon & Madhtr - that is the product i'm talking about. The software is actually available in popular high street shops in the UK, i'm surprised its difficult to get in the states. The same company does AR2v2 which is our equivalent of Gameshark. The current version (dont qoute me) of AR2 has the ability to play DVD's from all regions.