PS2 Online Options.
  • I have a question Concerning the future online Features for the PS2. Will there even be an online service for the PS2 like the Sega Dream Cast? and When will it come out to purchase?

  • Yes,there will online service for FF X and FFXl.Im not sure on the release date though.
  • FFX will have an online guide on Playonline but that's it for it. FFXI and DW online will be fully online through the Playonline service. Enix and Namco have also signed on to use the Playonline services for their online games. The launch is scheduled for a full release in March with the Japanese version of the service coming out this fall. THPS3 and TMB : online are a couple online games that may or may not utilize the Playonline services as well. I hope this answers your question . Well, enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • [b]The hard drive and the network adaptor should be available around November.As Haplo and madhatr mentioned,several game companies are using Square's PlayOnline service for their online gaming.Sony will no doubt have it's own network in place as well.

    Sony has been somewhat quiet on the issue since E3,other than to announce deals with AOL,Real and MacroMedia to provide their various services and with Cisco Systems to provide an internet protocol for developers to easily create broadband-enabled game content.As we get closer to the rollout we will be hearing a lot more about it.