PS3, To bundle or not to bundle?
  • :eek: Happy Holidays!

    I havn't been around Api to much lately so I don't know if anyone has bring this topic up or not but here goes.......

    On launch day for PS3 I did not stand in line to get mine because of the shortage of units and I didn't want my time to be a waste, but today I was able to pick up my 60 GB unit. Fry's electronic's had 50 units and I was lucky to get mine as they were going really fast!!!!

    My question is this, did you buy just the unit or did you get it in a bundle package.....
    Did you get a 20 or 60GB?

    What came in your bundle? Mine came with 9 games..

    I really didn't want to get all those games but I really wanted the unit and now I have some games....

    The Games are:

    Resistance: Fall of Man
    Madden NFL:07
    Ridge Racer 7
    Full Auto 2: Battlelines
    Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire
    Dark Kingdom
    Need for Speed
    Fight Night
    Tiger Woods 07

    What do you think of this games??

    I also got a extras sixaxis wireless controller.

    Merry Christmas to all!

  • I've never been a fan of bundles- you always get stuff you didn't want and any possible cash savings are negligible at best. I bought my system on its own, no extras. The first few games I bought (RR7, Resistance and Gengi) were bought online and I managed to find an extra controller elsewhere.

    Now, I've done a review on both Ridge Racer and Resistance (just submitted Resistance for proofreading yesterday) and I thought both of those were good, probably the best of the 1st day launch titles. I won't give away my scores here but I will say they were very favorable.

    As for the others, I'm not a football fan but I have seen good stuff said about Madden, as i have with Fight Night (not much for boxing either so I won't be getting it). Dark Kingdom turned out to be somewhat mediocre as action/RPG/dungeon crawlers go and Gundam, all I could say when seeing it in action was "WTF happened"?

    Need For Speed would probably be good as a racing game but the whole street racing bit has been done to death- I preferred RR7. Tiger is a good golf game but they didn't put as many courses in as its counterparts on other consoles. I'm patiently waiting for the next Hot Shots Golf- i prefer golf games that don't take themselves overly seriously (plus you can only take Gary McCord and David Feherty for so long).

    Full Auto 2, I may happen to be getting for Christmas (either it or Blazing Angels). From what i have seen elsewhere Full Auto is decent but moves a bit too fast at times- could have still used some improvement.
  • Thanks Lyndon,

    I just hate buying extra stuff I didn't ask for but..........this was a inpluse buy at the time and I did have the cash saved just for this gaming unit....

    I am thinking that I will only open at least two games that appeal to me and try to sale the other games somehow..

    Thanks for your thoughts!

  • What every you do - dont open the Gundam game - get it on to e-bay straight away or back to a game trade-in place. The reason is Gundam is crap and no-one in their right mind would want it!

    and there we have the biggest reason behind bundling - to get rid of the dross :mad:
  • In full agreement on Gundam- don't even think of cracking the shrinkwrap on this one. It is utter crap.

    I wound up getting Full Auto 2 for Christmas but haven't tried it out yet- I'll probably start checking it out in the next day or two after we start clearing gifts out from under the tree.

    I would say definitely keep Resistance and Ridge Racer 7- the others you will have to go on your feelings toward that genre. Gundam and Dark Kingdom, however, I would trade those in or eBay the suckers unopened.
  • Thanks for the tip Rory!

    The only game I have openned up is Resistace, fall of man. I like this game and it gets better as I go!

    I am not in a hurry to open any others yet, I will just wait to hear the reviews of them then or sale them or maybe I should just rent them first....


    P.S I am having problems getting my PS3 Internet connection to work even tho it tells me the connection is Enabled..........
    Maybe I will start a thread about this problem later......
  • Dunno if it's right place to ask this, but seeming as you lot are going on about games here, thought I would.
    Anyway, any of you know if the PS3 games have been region locked or not? Remember all the rumours that they would be region free, just wondering if they DID decide to Region lock them or not.
  • Yes, Jason, PlayStation 3 games are region-free. However, PS2/PSOne games as well as movies on Blu Ray or DVD still go by the region coding. This is partially the reason why Sony tried so hard to block imports- some people may not have realized this.