Can't reply to threads
  • Tried to reply to a thread in the general discussion section that was open for replies from both staff and general members and it came up with the default:

    You don't have permission etc etc or your member (something, something) is waiting for activation.

    I haven't used the forums for a while, just wondering if that has something to do with things. Also can my user name be changed back to DIGGER. Or even DIGG3R if DIGGER somehow conflicts with my prev username from many moons ago.

    DIGGER ;)
  • That's odd. Just having not been here awhile shouldn't have affected things. I'll have a quick look at your profile and see what's up.

    I have no idea why but you were set to still needing to confirm your e-mail. I have it changed to Registered Member now so you should be fine. Also, your log in name will be Digger from here onwards as requested.
  • Your a legend Lyndon,:D Thanks for that.