Does the PS2 work in other countries?
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    I live in Sweden and recently bought myself a PS2. Parts of the year I live in Thailand, and now I wonder if I can bring my PS2 with me? Thailand use PAL, same as Sweden, and voltage is not an issue afaik. What I
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  • Yes,games have regional restrictions,just like the DVD movies.After a quick look at a site that shows the television standards of each country (just type "television standards" at Google or your preferred search engine site to get a huge list of sites) it shows a slightly different version of PAL with Thailand than the standard in Sweden.This may affect how the games look on ther screen.

    As to whether the games from Thailand will work on your system,I think the answer may be no.Thailand would be covered in the Asian market,so it's possible the games may have a different regional coding.

    As for the vcd,the PS2 will not play them.It only plays DVDs for movies.
  • If you live in PAL territory and your moving to another PAL territory you should the PS2 there no problem. The games should work also as it is made for PAL PS2s. Now before you buy a game in Thailand make sure you see a PAL in the box so that you are sure that it will work on your system.
  • Also check out the Region X gadget that Tiff has used and gotten to work. It's from Datel and it's not that expensive from what i've seen. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup:
  • :P what do u meant region x gadget that tiff used?i don't understand...could u explain it to me madhtr.thanks....