• can someone please tell me how to get my PS2 online. i have the thin PS2 and im pretty sure that i dont need the network adaptor but i just need an explinated step by step process on how to get it online
  • I moved this thread into the hardware help section as it seemed more appropriate. :)

    You definitely do not need the network adapter, Ernie- that thing is made just for the old fat model PS2.

    Now, how this works depends on what sort of net access you have and whether you have a router or not. I would recommend using a router to leave the computer online. They're relatively inexpensive and most set themselves up automatically with just a few bits of information.

    First thing is connect the PS2 with ethernet cable to your router or modem (assuming you have broadband access). Now, if you don't have a set up disc you can still get the connection set up using any game that goes online. Put one in and go to the online multiplayer. When it asks for a connection select "make new connection".

    One of the first things it will ask for is the connection name. You can make this whatever you like, it's just a name for remembering it by. Next should be the IP Address- for now leave this at Automatic. If it turns out the test at the end doesn't work this can be tweaked. Next it asks for DNS Servers- I would suggest filling in this information, which can be had from your internet provider (you may still have this around from when it was set up).

    Once everything is in place it will ask to do a connection test- if you get a connection failed message something will have to be changed in the settings. I found it easier to give the system a specific IP address when it asked for it and then set up the router to give the PS2 that same address each time.

    Anyway, i hope this helps you out a bit- feel free to ask any other questions. :)