• ok about a month ago my ps2 decidedto break. by break i mean that i cant save from memory card slot 1(like it doesnt evenread that there is card in the slot) and my controller will not respondto any ps1 games, but the controller will work for ps2 games. and its the controller that camewith the system. well i called sony andthey want to charge me 124.50 to get itfixed and i lose my ps2 for 6 weeks.
  • Sounds like the system is pretty messed up.I think getting it serviced may be your only option,I'm afraid. :( Before sending it off to Sony,you might want to check around to see if any of the game stores closer by possibly do repair service.Most likely the memory card slot and possibly also the controller port will have to be replaced.

    If you do decide to send it to Sony,you will most likely be getting back a unit that was refurbished.It will work as good as new,though.
  • Every one is calling sony and telling them there problems about there machine and paying them to fix it. Well I did call sony one time to report my PS2 prob. and they said $150 to fix. So I said F-that and just took it back to the place I got it and exchanged it for a new one. And now I am happy.
    I dont know why everyone goes through the trouble of paying sony $150 to fix it and waiting 6weak, months, whatever. :nono:
  • ummm actually i like that idea of takin git back, but the only problem is i bought like 6 monthes ago.
  • That would depend on where you bought it to-stores will vary on their exchange time,anywhere from two weeks onwards.Might want to call them and find out what their policy is.Considering it is a damaged unit due to possible faulty components,they may have a bit more leeway on it.