ps3 gaming help
  • I have my HDTV set to 1080p i beleive and it says other available displays are 720p and 480p. I rented Call of Duty 3(which is capable of 1080) and i had no problems, everything worked clear as day. But I recently purchased Resistance: Fall of Man and its maximum display is 720p. It is set to automatic so it should change it for the maximum recommended setting, but when i put in the disc it comes up black and fuzzy. I tried changing the default from 1080 to 720p but its showing 3 screens all split up and blurry, but when i start the game, its there.. just 3 screens like i said. is it maybe the game i purchased? i was going to return it but the stores arent open seeing how its christmas eve. anyways, i was just wondering if maybe i have to change a setting or if i have to deal with playing at 480?
  • It's possible it could be the disc but it also might be the tv being a bit finicky about changing resolutions. I would first try, once you have the tv set at 720p and the game running, just do a quick switch to another input source on the tv and then back to what you are using for the PS3 (component or HDMI). That should hopefully clear things up.

    Considering most games will be running at 720p as a standard you may want to consider leaving things set as that for the PS3 gaming.