• :erm: I'm wondering if there is anything on the market that will alow you to download Game Shark codes from the Game Shark website directly to the PS2 with having to write them all in yourself?
  • [b][i]i dont know about that but you can hack youre owne codes but you need a cord to put in youre ps2 and in the back of youre pc and there you go
  • yo you can buy a "shark port" there at gameshark.com(they send you to another URL though)a shark port lets you download saves and codes to your PC and PS2.i got one myself.make sure you have a pc by your tv or a tv by your pc.you have to have your PS2 all hooked and ready to go and then you hook the shark port between your PC and PS2.it's okay i guess...i don't mind typing codes in.
  • If your computer and PS2 are close to each other the SharkPort bigbad mentions is just the thing,P Man.You should be able to find it at anyplace that sells games.
  • Once you download your codes do you have to have the PS2 hooked up to the PC everytime you use the game shark or is it saved for good into your game shark?
  • Once they are transferred over to your GameShark you don't need to keep them connected.You can also use this to transfer game saves to store on your PC to clear up space on your memory card-just transfer them back when needed.

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