ps3........ no video, but i have sound????????
  • I have played several games in my ps3, and they have all worked. yesterday i put in talladega nights and now only blueray dvds will play, the games and ps3 welcome screen dont show up..... but the sound works. i reset the screen resolution by holding down power till it turned red, and i have very good monster high def cables, so i know it isnt bad cables.... what do i need to do???
  • This sounds somewhat unusual. Try turning off the system completely with the switch on the back. Turn it back on and then hold down the power button for about 5 seconds. This should hopefully get your PS3 and tv synced up again on the resolutions.

    A search of the official sites Knowledge base turned up that the problem is likely caused by a mismatch in the output settings between the tv and the PS3.

    Only other suggestion i can think of is to check the tv's settings- maybe it did not switch back to the settings required for the games (may have stayed in 1080i instead of automatically going back to 720p).