psp system software update problem
  • my son got psp yesterday (xmas day !) - he loaded brand new open season game andwas asked to perform software update. he didnt have ac adaptor plugged in ( he didnt realise that he should have !) update got to 69% then crashed completely ! psp not working at all now - power light comes on for approx 20 secs then off again - ive tried pressing and holding in all buttons with no joy. surely my son is not the first person to cause this to happen - read through psp manual - cant find any referance to a solution. please help !:(
  • He definitely is not the first or likely the last.

    Unfortunately the PSP has become what they call "bricked"- there is no way to get it back in working order yourself now. Your only options are to contact Sony's tech support and arrange to send to them for a free replacement (thanks to the one year warranty) or take the PSP back to where it was purchased for exchange (which would be the quicker option- just don't mention how the unit became non-functioning ;) ).