• Chapter 4 "save the puppy

    Im stuck on the mission "save the Puppy" can you please tell me where to get the puppy food from, i have been stuck on this mission for days :(
    so please can you help me.


  • hi, no worries here u go, if u know where is srena where kazuma usally goes. the incharge of thet bar is reina. when the bar is on kazuma's right hand side just walk through the end of the map and make a left. keep going straight u will find a shop on yr left which will be in a corner. The colour of that shop is orange and redish get in and speake to the clerk u will find the dog food. If still not then let me now. I will find out the street name for u don't remmember now. Thanks
  • Thank You Very Much

    I Have Finnaly Done With Your Help :d

    Thanx Again


  • i still can not find it whats the name of the street
  • a do u kno the name of the street or the name of the place
  • The store with the dog food is Don Quixote, on the corner of Shouwa and Chuudou.