My game won't open...
  • I have an early version of PS2 and my son dropped it a few inches. Since then the little shelf that holds the game disc won't work. I thought about opening it up and taking a look - always my first impulse - but I can't even see how to do that. Is this thing toast? I really don't want to buy another. I would like to get a PS3 but living in the midwest I don't think this is going to happen any time soon. Can anyone give me some idea on how to open this sucker up and tell me what to look for? thanx in advance.
  • The track for the disc tray must have come loose or broke with the fall. You might be able to get it open (in case you ha a game in there) with a gentle pry on either side of the tray.

    After looking around my own "fatboy" PS2 i could only see one screw on the back on the tray side. It may be simpler (and cheaper) to pick up a slimline model instead of repairing this one.
  • I think I remember working on my old Ps2, the screws are under the rubber feet pieces.
  • i had that problem, i just got two thin knife's and pulled it open, i shouldn't brake but do at own risk.
  • Take apart the PS2 only the top and the laser lens cover till you get to the part were the disk goes and clean it all remember were and how everything goes.
  • Remove the rubber covers on the bottom of the case with a flat head screw driver. Remove the screws, remove the plastic base of the system, remove the cover carfully as ther is a silver cable connected to the cover you dont want to damage it. Remove the cover by slidding it off the system from the back toward the front. Hopes this helps you