Internet Connection to PS3
  • :( Howdy all!

    I am having a problem connecting to the Internet...

    I bought a 100ft Ethernet cable to run threw my attic from my master bedroom where my PC is, to my PS3 in my living room.

    To make things faster here is what the PS3 is telling me:

    Internet Connection Enabled
    Internet Connect test

    Obtain IP Address Succeeded
    Internet Connection Failed
    Software update is required
    Go to settings and perform System update

    Internet Connection Settings
    Connection: Enabled
    Method: Wired Connection
    Speed and Dupley: Auto- Detect
    Address Settings: Automatic
    IP Address: Automatic

    Test Connection
    IP Address: Succeeded
    Internet Connection: Failed

    System Software update is required
    Go to Settings and perform System update

    Now it keeps telling me all this stuff over and over and my router is telling me that all is working fine!

    Any idea what the problem is or what I could do to fix this???


  • Your PS3 needs a firmware update before you can do all that you can online. Go into the Settings menu and at the top you will find the System Update. Have this download and install the latest version of the firmware (it will work even with the messages it is giving you) and try the test again after the restart.

    When it goes to install you will need to connect the controller to the system via the USB port- it will ask for this before starting the install.

    This sort of thing will be a semi-regular event as they bring in new features. those of us with PSPs are somewhat used to it already. ;)
  • Great!!!!!!!

    Thanks Lyndon, I never would have figured that out!

    I will go try it out and get back to you...

  • " Ya Hoo"

    Thanks for the help buddy!
    Everything is working fine now! I did just what you said and it was a easy fix to my connection problems...

    Funny how its easy to do once you know what your doing....

    :cool: Worf