ps3 game not displaying in hd
  • I just hooked up my ps3 to an hd tv, and the ps3 setup menu is displaying in hd, but when i put in a ps3 game, it's only displaying in 480. I have the ps3 connected using component cables, what am i doing wrong???
  • If you are using the cables that came with it you are not in HD- the PS3 comes with composite, not component, cables. They are just like the red/white/yellow jacks on the back of a VCR.

    If you are indeed using component cables you may want to adjust your video output settings in the Settings menu and select the levels you want.
  • Also some games do not support 1080i or 1080p. you have to check the back of the game to see what the highest supported output is.
  • most are 720 but it still looks allot better than standard.