PS1 games on PS2 Console Won't Work!
  • I just purchased a PS2, and would like to know if anyone else has had this problem.
  • It depends on what games that you have tryed are. Some games are not playable on the PS2 as they weren't coded for the use on the model of the PSX unit that is inside of the PS2. If you let me know what games that you've tryed then i can tell you whether it's something wrong with your system or that the game just won't play. I'll send you a list of all the titles that don't play on the PS2 as well as a complete list of all DVD titles that don't play in the console. I hope that i'll be able to help you out and just make sure that you have the receipt found as it may be the system itself and i hope that it's under the 30-day warranty as if it wasn't then you would get to ship it to Sony who in turn would give you a refurbished system that someone else had trouble with and it was "fixed" to be sold again or traded for one of the systems that were worse off than it. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming as soon as i find you the list of the games that don't play on your system. :thumbsup:
  • I threw in FF8 and Gran Turismo.
  • With FF8 you can not run it at a faster speed as it will skip and eventually lock up. Also i hope to have the lists for you by tonight. Well, hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup:
  • Thanks again.
  • Derek,the list of incompatible games is very small actually-last I had seen maybe 20-some games,most of which did not make it out of Japan.Here's the games that were released worldwide that definitely don't work:

    Arcade Party Pak - Midway
    Arcade Greatest Hits/Atari 2 - Midway
    Fighter Maker - Agetec
    Final Fantasy Anthology - Square EA
    Judge Dredd - Activision
    Monkey Hero - Take 2
    Mortal Kombat Trilogy - Midway
    Tomba! - SCEA
    International Track and Field - Konami

    The problem is most likely in the PS2 itself.You might want to see about exchanging it for another unit.
  • Looks as if Lyndon was moving faster than i could. So, thanks for the quick fingers and remember to continue to ask those questions. Well, hope that you enjoy posting and hvae fun gaming.
  • Thanks a bunch guys.
  • Well, I returned the console for a new one and it's still doing the same thing.
  • [b]I think you may be right,Derek.When I first had my PlayStation I had hooked up to a Zenith television-once I got past the logo screens the game screen would bounce continually.If you have one,try hooking up to another TV.

    You're not the first to ask about this happening,and probably won't be the last.
  • Hmmmm... I guess I'll have to add this as a reply.
  • It is warned by Sony that any 3rd party peripherals including memory cards could damage your systems. I would recommend the use of Sony's official devices but there are some 3rd party memory cards for the PS2. There's the Interact 8mb and 16mb cards and they are shipped with the memory card manager. The Memory card manager is an official Interact device that allows you to compress data on Memory cards. You can fit nearly 80mb worth of data onto a 8mb card including Sony's official MC. I also have a multiple section MC from Interact and i've only had problems with it once and that was that it deleted the entire card. No big deal as long as you keep multiple saves on multiple cards. I hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup:
  • I would definitely steer clear of any memory cards that aren't officially licensed by Sony.There have been many people who have lost game data due to using them.The official cards may be more expensive but they are more reliable. :cool: