• Greetings my fellow gamers!
    I am having a problem with my ps2 dvd player.
    Nothing serious but everytime I want to watch a movie I am stopped by the parental controls....
    I am able to finally get by it but I don.t know how to shut it off!
    Can anyone tell me how to shut this thing off?????
    Its only my wife & me here... no kids in this house yet...
    Thanks for any help.
  • That does get annoying,doesn't it?Here's what to do:

    Hit the select button when you have a DVD movie in to bring up the onscreen menu and select the icon that looks like a toolbox.Go down to Custom Setup.You will have to enter your password to enter here.Once that's done go to Parental Control and go right to select Level.Scroll through the menu to "off" and hit the X button.That should disable the parental lock and get rid of that annoying password screen when you try to play a movie.
  • Thanks soooo much Lyndon!!!!
    I will try this tomorrow!
    Its always been such a pain in the ....neck everytime I wanted to watch a movie. :laugh3:
  • This is almost the same thread I have going called "Saving DVD Setup Options".
  • I've had a very long look at the user guide for my PS2-it says nothing about having to eject the disc.When you press the X button that will confirm the selection and the setting will be saved.
  • Yeah, I couldn't find it my manual either.
  • Thanks for the extra info petthebunny.
    I was able to turn off the parental controls thanks to Lyndon's
    I did however ejected the dvd disc before i shut down my unit.
    Also I will check out your thread on this subject.
  • Greetings Lyndon!
    I just wanted to let you know that last night my wife and I wanted to watch a movie and guess what?????
  • Hello Lyndon!
    Just to let you know I was able to shut off the parental controls again tonight. After I shut it off I took out the movie and installed a different one and it worked fine Again thanks for the input. :thumbsup: