• I have the new slim PS2. I plugged the blue wire into the back of the modem and then the PS2. After that I put the CD in it, it loads then I go to test the connection, and it won't load I left it up for an hour to load, and it still had the same screen. What am I doing wrong, and if I need to wait longer how long does it need to load.
  • If connected directly from your modem (having taken the cable from the back of your computer and reconnected it to the PS2) you might have to power down your modem (just pull the power cable out) and put that back in to make it release from thinking it is connected to the computer.

    I would honestly recommend buying a router to avoid having to go through this sort of thing every time you want to play online with the PS2. They are relatively inexpensive (especially with some of the sales going this week) and simple to set up. Then you could still have the computer online at the same time (just in case you get stuck in a game and want to come back here to ask about it ;) ).