where do I get a ps1?
  • :confused: yo does anyone know where to buy a used ps1? Im askin this because my favorite video games on Earth are Crash Bandicoot and Crash Bandicoot 2.:D Does anyone know where i Might be able to buy those ps1 games?:mellow:

    P.S. : :mad: Don't answer with with online because i dont trust it and i never buy online...
  • Car boot sales and other such places may be a likely contender for purchasing one. Other places may include pawn shops and other forms of goods for cash stores.

    However, both the games you mentioned will run quite happily on a PS2 and one of those should be much handier picked up these days.

    Good luck with your quest :)
  • Online may be the only place left to find one unless you have some used game stores or pawn shops around. The PSOne hasn't been made since 2003 (roughly), after all. However, as Rory said, those 2 games will work fine on a PS2 and is much easier to find.

    On a side note, buying online is a lot safer than you think if you stick to well-known sites or, if on ebay, check out a seller's feedback history.
  • I was scared of buying online at first but now im a fiend!! Which is bad in a way and my credit card doesnt appreciate it!!

    Does a friend not have one lying around they could sell you if the other ideas dont work.
  • In the UK we have Gamestation stores and they stock a good selection of retro stuff in which the PS-One new and old shape model are readly availabe. Expect to pay around £20-£35 for a second hand one with 30 days warrenty.

    It would be wise to buy later models like the 75XX series as they are more stable CD lens & internal build than the 5XXX series and the original 1XXX series. The remodel white PS-One is a good buy.
  • Pawn shops or an on ebay, or flea markets.
  • On line may be your best bet. The selection of used PS 1 games is fairly limited. The PS 2 is definitely the way to go as the reverse compatability of the system was sheer brilliance. We have 40 odd PS 1 games and they all work flawlessly on the PS 2. We have all 3 of the PS one Bandicoot games and have played them all extensively. Have only seen the first PS 2 version and found the load times to be prohibitive. If you like Crash you should check out the Spryo games also. They were lots of fun.
  • I need to how much a PS1 costs! Please help!
  • These days you are looking at $30-50 US, depending on how much you get with it. As mentioned above, your best bet now is eBay or used game stores. They haven't been available new for several years.
  • Crash Bandicoot rules !!!!!!!!
    So does Spyro !!!!!!!

    And yeah online will be your best bet....... But here in the UK, a few game stores still sell PS1 Games and systems...... So maybe you should try those too......;)
  • U can also by some PS 1 game at a stor call discreplay.Tey sell them for about $7-10. That wout I thin but i not sou.
  • I mint to say they so gut forgitd tey.