Ps2 internet question.
  • So when is the I-net going to be available to hook on to the PS2? Also do you need the Hard drive or PS2 to work it?

    Also I have a dial up connection and I was wondering if the PS2 will soport that. Because my brother bought a dream cast a while ago and he tried to hook it up to the internet but it didnt work.
  • Quote you need the Hard drive or PS2 to work it?[/b][/quote]
    Yes, i beleive you'll need the PS2 to work it :grin1:

    Seriously though, i think you need both the hard-drive and modem to be able to go online, and yes it does support dial-up. And if you don't know already, Tony Hawks 3 does have online support, and you can go online right now! All you need is a usb modem (there's a list of compatible modems in the manual).
  • I'm not so sure about needing the hard drive, KiLLa. I've been doing some searching around for information on the network adaptor and the hard drive- not once did any article mention the hard drive being required to use the network adaptor. If it was, why not just combine them instead of selling them seperately as they plan to do?

    (Aside from the obvious answer given by oddish just below :2silly: )
  • To make munny of course!!!!!! :laugh3:
  • OKay Killa so I said that wrong so what!

    But any way, I read a little preveiw on Final Fantasy 11 and it said you will need the Hard drive, internet connection, and subscribe to playonline for whatever there monthly fee will be for playing FF11 online. Man that is going to cost like $500 bucks for all that stuff (plus the game). Im thinking I should save up for a computer and just buy FF11 for CPU
  • the harddrive is not needed to connect to the net but the way they are advertising it, it seems as if it is required.
    you can have either dial up connection or broadband. but
    hey man trade in that PS2 an get an XBox, an play me in some Halo right now.

    Not that i hate the PS2 or anything but the XBox is a great system.