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  • I have ps2, bought off e-bay a 20th anniversary PAC-MAN WORLD game, could not save on ps2 memory card, got off e-bay ps1 memory cards, 1st & 2nd world saved, but rest started to fail, changed card to another, said ok save, but then 5th world failed, tried to load on saved & couldn't. Do or can ps1 memory cards actually work in ps2-I had been lead to believe yes for ps1
    games, if so maybe something wrong w/the cards? Do you have something that does work to save game? :confused:
  • Welcome to Absolute PlayStation, Colleen. :)

    Yes, PSOne memory cards do work in the PS2 to save PSOne games. What brand were the cards you bought? If they are from someone other than Sony I would advise dumping them and look for an actual Sony PSOne memory card (you may still be able to find them in local department stores). Those third-party cards were never licensed by Sony and the quality is questionable.

    If those were Sony cards then it is possible they may have been past their prime due to overuse or abuse by the previous owners. Unfortunately, we do not sell the cards or any other gaming items.

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