how do I get Network disk?
  • I bought a new P2 before christmas. I do not know how to obtain a network access disk. When phoning helpline the tell me to go to I went to it to find that every thing is in German????? please can someone shed some light as I really would like to play COD 3 online before I run out of holiday!
  • Best place is to get on e-bay & buy one that isn't used. Price are about £5-£10. It seems that Sony are using up there stocks because there not producing any Network Adaptors for the fat models so the software isn't also in great demand as they are moving on with the PS3

    The web site when loaded up properly has a drop down menu for the language on the top left.
  • I find it odd that you would get directed to a site with no affiliation at all to the game maker or to Sony. Most games have the connection set up in their online section- just select "make new connection" when it asks for it and this will take you through the process.