Guitar Hero 2 problem
  • Hi. I've been playing GH2 for a couple of days now and have had no problems until I started the career on Hard difficulty.

    What happens is once I start a song, after a few seconds the PS2 makes a loud clicking noise and the game crashes for a second or two before continuing, except now the guitar sound is delayed so doesn't match with the visuals/button combinations. This then happens on and off for the rest of the track. Now it's started it affects all difficulties and quick play as well as career. Other games seem to be unaffected (well, Soulcaliber 3 anyways), and I can still play DVDs no problem. Anyone know what's wrong and can help me please?
  • Just one question. Is your game a copy?

    It's noted on GH fan sites that some people who don't even bother to grace buying this super game are getting the glitchy problems due to the cunning programing Harmonix have used to stream the game if it's not on proper media.

    I've only have encountered this problem about 3 times while using the supplied reviewers disc, but it was mainly down to my PS2 being the first model produced & the DVD lens needed cleaning correctly. Since then I've got the full retail release & have not encoutered that problem
  • No, it's the proper version. I've got a pretty old PS2 so I'll try cleaning the lens and seeing if that sorts it. Thanks for the reply.