• I've having a problem with my PS2.
  • After doing a little research on this problem, it appears that you are not the only one to encounter this.

    If the unit is fairly new, return it to where you purchased it for another working unit.

    If the unit is a few months old, contact SONY. It appears that this is a known problem, and they will repair it even if it is out of warranty.

    They will try to insist that you pay $119 dollars to get the unit replaced/repaired, and then back down to $64 if pressured.

    Keep being insistant (ie: a MAJOR pest), and insist on the repair be done for free
  • I had the same problem when playing DVDs. It would just say "Disk Read Error". Send it to Sony and get them to fix it (hopefully free). I sent mine to them on a Saturday and had it back 6 days later Friday. It seems to be working better now.
  • Good for you EA.

    The problem seems to stem from a faulty laser-carriage assembley. Unfortunately adjusting the laser will do little good