saving playstation one games on ps3
  • I was playing a playstation game on my ps3, but the game requires a memory card to save it on to. Since there is no memory card slot, can I save it at all?
  • What you do is set up a "virtual card" on the hard drive. You do this in the Game menu on the media bar (the screen you see when not playing a game). Go there to set it up and assign it to "slot 1" (just like it would be an actual card in the first slot on the PlayStation). After doing that your games will save to the hard drive on this virtual card.
  • Hi

    Just wondered whether you could help me. Have a PS3 and have a couple of questions about saving games:

    Are there only 2 slots available to create memory cards?
    Also, I have created these slots but when the game saves it automatically just saves it on the main hard drive save feature. My children want to play the same game but want to be able to save it individually so they dont overwrite each others progress, but i am unable to get it too save on their slot. Do you know how I can do this.

    When we first got the PS3 I didnt create slots so everything was saved together. Then I created the slots and it doesnt save it on them. Do I have to delete everything from the main saving drive and start again.

    Sorry to sound dumb.....

    Thanks :confused:
  • if you have already saved to a deisgnated area will keep saving to there but if you start a difernat or new game it will ask you to save to your created memory card. though you may be able to transfer it across ill give in a try now
  • borothers not in but if you go to your save and press options yuo should hopefully see copy or transfer, to be honest i though you had to create internal memory card to save a ps1 or ps2 game.
  • Hit the PS button on the controller and you should see an option to Assign Slots- go there and select the virtual card you want to use, then place it into "slot 1". When the others want to play just do this each time to put their card into the slot.

    You can have as many cards as you like on the hard drive- they just need to be assigned to the virtual memory card slot to actually use, just like sliding the actual card into a PSOne/ PS2 memory card slot.
  • Hi thanks for your quick reply. Have turned PS3 on and hit the PS button and the only options I get are

    quit game
    controller settings
    turn off the system
    turfn off the controller

    ??????? My playstation is a 40GB. Does that make a difference??
  • have you tried pressing options on the save to see if can copy it ?
  • there is no option to copy it either??
  • It saves everything on the memory card that doesnt have a slot allocated to it. It never gives me an option as to where I can save it, it automatically saves on the main one. Interestingly, the two cards I have created with slots only have a capacity of 120kb. It comes up 120kb/120kb.
  • Ok, that's unusual- it should be going to whichever virtual card you have in the "slot" at the time.

    Try going into the Memory Card Utility in the PS3's Game menu and highlight the card you want to use. Hit the triangle button to bring up a menu along the right side of the screen- you should see an "assign slots" choice in there- hit X on that and tell it slot 1. That should be the card that the game "sees" now.
  • Tried that. Highlighted Slot 1. My son played the game and it automatically just saved it on saved disc data. Not on his slot, so everything is getting saved together in one place. Its soooo frustrating. Do you think I have a fault????

    Thanks for your help
  • Something is messed up but I'm not sure what- the game should have said it couldn't find a memory card and ask to continue without saving if it couldn't see a card.

    I hate to say it but he may have to start over with a new game and make sure it will save that to the virtual card in slot one- unless you could copy the save file over to the card. Do you happen to have the memory card adapter and an actual PSOne memory card still kicking around?
  • Hi,

    Was there any resolution for saving games directly into an external storage ie. memory card as discussed above?

    I'm facing the same problem too.

  • That wasn't really what was discussed above, Ishida- claires was having problems with PSOne games saving on a different virtual card than what was assigned. Haven't heard back for awhile so she may have cleared things up on her own.

    As for your question, that simply isn't possible. You can copy the saves over to a card or external drive but you cannot set up the virtual card on an external device, nor can you have the games save directly to an external device.

    You know, after reading the thread through again, claires never did specify if the games she was trying to have saved were actually PSOne games- they could well have been PS3 games. If that was the case you would have to set up another user on the PS3 for someone else to log into to play the games. The saves for him/ her would be seen only by that profile and won't interfere with another person's progress.
  • I just had a quick question, and you guys seem pretty knowledgeable. Is there any way to save the entire game on your PS3? Like with emulators on a PC, I'd love to save some of my PS1 games to the hard drive so I don't have to carry the discs all over the place.
  • No, Sony does not allow this for the games as it would open the door for potential piracy (not saying you would but it's a guarantee many would if given the opportunity).
  • Hay Ive read through your posts and done everythink youve said but every time i hit ps button and go to assign slot it displays 'there are no internal memory cards'? any reason for this? Ive done literally everythink youve said and it always displays this message!?!?
    Really dont wanna have to leave me ps3 on as i cant save the game!
    Thanks, Goffy.
  • Goffy, you have to go into the PS2/ PS1 Memory card Utility first and make the card- then you can assign it.