Star Wars II Minikits - Ep IV, Chap 6
  • I'm in the Rebel Attack Chapter of Ep IV, trying to get my last minikit...the area with the green squares. I've tried everything to get all the green squares, using each available ship in freeplay, and I can't seem to get them lit at the same time.

    Any suggestions on patterns or which ship to use? Is there a trick to this that I'm just missing? I've been playing a while, and this area is the one that is eating my lunch.

  • This must be the bonus miikit area, babyfeet?

    The best vehicles to use would be the smaller ones with more maneuverability such as the TIE fighter or an X Wing. The objects you try to destroy should be marked with blue, not green. Also, there is a tower with 4 destructible targets to the left at the bottom of the strip- destroy them to get a lot of the purple lego bolts.
  • Sorry, yes. I'm trying to procur the 10 minikit pieces. This is a freeplay runthrough, and it ison the left side, in the imperial access area about halfway up from the second shield gate. There are green squares on the ground over which you must fly. It looks as though all eight have to be lit at the same time, but they are in an odd pattern with barriers you have to fly around. The minikit vault is at the end, waiting to be raised. I have tried this until my hands hurt from it, and I can't seem to get it.
  • Thanks for your help. I finally got it with the Imperial Shuttle after a gazillion tries!
  • By the way, this was not in the Bonus area. I misread your initial answer. This is in the freeplay, as you are attempting to secure the 10 packets to make the minikit.
  • excuse me, how do you get the minikit from behind the shielded area in ep iv chapter 6? Ive tried everything...

    Please help...
  • You need to be using a TIE class ship such as a TIE Fighter. Once the tunnel opens turn left at the end and shoot the rotating pod to release the minikit.