Network Access Code
  • Tried playing PES6 online I get connected but when i select to register with the game thing to get a user id and passord it says communication error, so i looked on the blueyonder (telewest) site to see what the trouble was, there was a link

    So i registered and then I read that you need a Network access code and I dont have one? It was on a sticker on the box or sumfin Dont have the box, I dont know anyone who keeps their boxes to be honest.

    help please

  • Quite a few do keep the boxes, actually, just in case something goes wrong and it needs to be returned.

    Your only option now would be to call Sony's tech support line (number's in the instruction guide) and they should be able to give you a replacement network code.
  • So...Ive looked allover my box for my network access code and cant find it, does anyone know the opening times and days of th playstation helpline so i can request a new code?

    or is there a link of some sort i can use to get one?

    cheers ;)
  • AWESOME im getting a new network access code for contacting Sony.
    Just phone Sony and give them some information so they recognize you and stuff like your PS2 serial number! If you are of minor age then you better call an adult to talk.
    Here are some numbers: UK-08705 99 88 77
    Australia-1300 365 911
    New Zealand-09 415 2447
    If you need any other just reply ;)