• i have seem to have lost my ps2 network disk. is there any other way to set up a profile to play online or find another disk?

    thank you for all your help!
  • Just about all online-enabled games have the connection set up routine on them. Just go into the online play section of any game and select "make new connection" when it asks.
  • wich game is that cuz metal gear 3 dosent
  • Most of the Sony- published games will have it (SOCOM, Hot Shots Golf Fore, etc.) along with most other publishers. When you go to the online mode and it asks to select a connection you should also see something along the lines of "make a new connection".

    If none of your games have it then I would suggest either contacting Sony about a disc or hit up ebay- there are always a number of the discs available there.
  • if u have star wars battlefront 2, u can go into multiplayer, it will come up with a few boxes (just click ok :p ) and then, another screen will popup, press square, and add in details..... good luck :)