exhumed question
  • how do i find out where all the dolls are in exhumed, and how to kill the monster in the arena. thankyou from angeleyes64.:D
  • Could have been a bit easier to find the answer if i knew the game name right away, angel. :p

    I'm surprised how many are still playing PSOne game, especially largely-overlooked ones like Power Slave (the game you have). I was able to find a walkthrough of the mummy doll locations- you can have a look and compare to the ones you found here.

    Keep your distance and use Sacred Manacle shots in the boss' first form- this makes it easier to dodge the fireballs he throws. When he charges move and keep your distance still, keeping at it with the manacle shots.

    For the second form switch to the flamethrower and burn the worm when it comes near. When it is further away use the Cobra Staff.
  • thankyou for that it helped alot can i ask you another question where do i find the feather to help me hover
  • You'll find that in Horus Peak. Take the final platform out of the Accursed Room to reach the peak of the mountain then walk around either side. At the high point of the path jump to the top. You'll find the feather just inside the building.
  • hi, i am still playing exhumed, but i find the cheats available do not work e.g, using 2nd controller etc, i think these cheats are intended for the american version of the game, after 7 YEARS of looking i have given up, you are my last hope, do you know cheats for the european version of the game (PAL) thanks in advance...foxymosh
  • I've done some looking around and just about every place just has the NTSC cheats- nothing for the PAL version of the game.
  • try this
    During play on 1st controller, press
    1. Dolphin mode (faster swimming)
    ¤ ¤ triangle triangle x x o o
    a dolphin should appear on the screen

    2.Vulture Mode (fly higher and further)
    o R1 R2 ¤ -> L1 L2 <- a vulture should appear <br />
    3. All Items, Levels & Keys
    o x triangle ¤ -> down up <-<br />then press select to bring up sub menu.
    Hit square and select to add item then press circle to delete an item

    1. Enter during play

    2. Enter during play

    3. Enter at world map using 2nd controller