Peripherals dont work
  • I just bought a new remote control and a (official sony)multi-tap for my ps2.I've returned each one twice and call Sony cutomer service three times. The peripherals just don't work:(.I tested them on my friends system and they work just fine please help
  • Then it isn't the peripherals but instead a problem with the system itself. I would highly recommend that you return your system as soon as possible but if this isn't a possibility then i would recommend that you send it in for repairs. I'm not certain but it sound like something wrong with the controller ports and you should get it fixed ASAP. As soon as you get the chance i would do this as it definitely sounds like a hardware problem with the controller ports. Well, i hope that you will enjoy posting and have fun gaming as soon as Sony fixes your problem with their system. :thumbsup:
  • Thank you very much :wave: